Newborn Photographer in Delhi – Session of a 6 day old baby boy

I am a Newborn Photographer in Delhi. I would love my life if all the parents can bring in their babies at 6 days of life. This little one is a cutest little soul. My most sought after “newborn nest” was first photographed with him.

The parents were such a joyful bunch. An example that most new parents should be. Not shying away and bringing us our youngest baby ever.

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Newborn Photographer in Delhi - Session of a 6 day old baby boy

One of the hardest things about being a newborn photographer in Delhi is that there’s a ritual that Mom and Dad should not step out of their home with their newborn for the first 30 to 40 days or so.

Now, the best time to photograph a newborn is when he or she is just 5 to 12 days old. That’s when a newborn is likely to give the best poses.

I understand that it’s ritual, but if you look at the reasoning of Indian rituals, they all have a solid reasoning. This ritual was probably made about few hundred years ago when basic hygiene was a problem. But gone are the times. We do take our little one to a doctor, right? Because we know that pediatrics wards are clean. I can only assure you that I have one of the most comfortable temperature-controlled and super clean baby-friendly studios in Delhi.

I guarantee that your precious new baby will sleep blissfully through it the whole photography session, even as I get an opportunity to steal some of the most beautiful poses from him or her.

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