Newborn photographer in india – Session of a 13 days old baby girl

Newborn photographer in india has to be lucky to get a beautiful and smiling baby like this one!

This cute little bundle gave us a million smiles. We even tried the hammock pose with her, which she did with a ravishing smile.

The basket pose with little white flowers around gave a dreamy and a warm look.

It doesn’t feel so, but newborns between 5 to 15 days are tiny. They almost double their size in the next 2 months.

Check out this session.

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newborn photographer in india

Although many moms and dads out there can get a picture of their newborn baby by themselves (well, we have now the so-called smartphones with incredible built-in cameras as well as DSLR). Parents who are photography enthusiasts usually opt for DIY photoshoot. However, there is still a great difference between a professionally captured by newborn photographer in india compared to DIY photographs.

Basically, newborn photography requires great amount of patience. Unlike any other type of photography where you can command the model to pose and smile, here there is no way to tell or command a newborn baby to smile or pose. They are the commanders who make rules that photographer should obey. And considering their moody nature- they never give any warning or clue about the next thing they will do, it is a real challenge to get a perfect shot. You do not know when they will smile or cry or when they will be awake or asleep.

More than anything it’s about the perfect pose. I have learned to pose babies professionally and it’s not an easy job. I don’t book more than one newborn in a day as I know that such sessions take time.

And then there are the props. I source props from the best makers from around the world. I sometimes create few of these myself. Having studied at National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India.and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen, Denmark, I have a unique eye for creating and sourcing tasteful and amazing newborn props.

I have been told that I am the best newborn photographer in india. I don’t know how much truth is there to this statement, however, I can confidently say that I am very passionate about newborn photography and I put all of it into my each one of my sessions.

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