Newborn Photoshoot in Delhi

Session of a 13 days old boy

Newborn Photoshoot in Delhi

Heaven sent, this cute little boy knew of me before he was born. I did a maternity session for the mom too. I just find it amazing to connect with the families during their maternity sessions. It almost always translates into a newborn session where I feel much more connected not only to the family but also to the new baby. I always try and speak with the newborn moms before the session so that I understand them and connect with them. These little ones always take my breath away with their cuteness overload!

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newborn photoshoot in delhi

Unlike any other type of photography where you can command the model to pose and smile, here there is no way to tell or command a newborn baby to smile or pose. They are the commanders who make rules that photographer should obey. And considering their moody nature- they never give any warning or clue about the next thing they will do, it is a real challenge to get a perfect shot. You do not know when they will smile or cry or when they will be awake or asleep.

I just love the challenge and their cuteness :)

Cute Newborn Photos of a 3 Weeks Old Girl - Delhi Newborn Baby Photography by Anega Bawa Photography