About Anega Bawa – Founder & Owner of Anega Bawa Photography

Anega Bawa is a maternity, newborn and baby photographer based in Delhi NCR. She is famous across India and the world for her ability to create breathtaking & timeless photographs.

Photography has been a part of Anega’s life since the day she was given her first camera, a used Yashica Electro 350, back in 1995, almost 22 years ago. The professional bent came when she was pregnant in 2012-13.

Anega recognises herself more as an artist than a photographer. She is involved in all the aspects of her work – from creating backdrops, weaving props, designing clothes, styling and everything in-between. She considers her design sense and attention to detail as her most valuable assets.

Anega lives with her husband and is a mom to a 5 year old daughter. She is expecting her second child in July 2018.

“I did my own maternity shoot and later when I had a baby girl, I started photographing her. So my daughter has been my true inspiration”, says Anega. I have photographer myself in my second pregnancy.

Anega has studied at National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India. NID is regarded as one of the world’s top design schools. She also studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Favourite Quote: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” — Andy Warhol