the fine art portraits

all our photo sessions are directed by Anega Bawa

the fine art portrait packages

Fine Art Portrait
Rs. 19,995 + GST

Two Fineart Portraits in one outfit

with one child/subject

about 20 minutes

Ideal for a Child from 4 to 14 year old or an Adult

2 final retouched photos

includes 2 prints of 8 x 12

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a d d – o n

add an extra person/subject to the portrait – rs. 4995 + GST each
our fine art photo retouching

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FAQs – frequent questions about the fine art portrait session

All the fine art portrait sessions take place at our studio on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. Our studio is comfortable, clean and temperature controlled. There is also a private feeding/changing room available for your use.

For an individual fine art portrait: the child should be able to sit on a high-bar stool (without back support) for 15-20 minutes. We recommend a minimum age to be 2 or 3 years for a individual fine art portraits.
To be part of the family fine art portrait: there is no minimum age requirement for a child to be part of a family portrait session.

It’s important that you come ready for your session. We will guide you about your hair and makeup during your pre consultation phone call.

Depending on the our mutual availability, a time will be decided. Please note that it’s important that you arrive on time for your appointment and so that I can keep my other appointments.

If you are more than one hour late, your session will be cancelled and the fee will be forfeited.

The session should be rescheduled at least 5 days in advance. If you have a medical emergency, we can consider rescheduling the session at a short notice. Please submit a doctor’s certificate for consideration. If you don’t show up for your appointment or are over 1 hour late, your payment will be forfeited.

You can book your session by emailing me on or calling me or sending a Whatsapp message on 98101-32036. Your booking is considered confirmed only once the deposit payment for the chosen package is received.

We ask you to finalise the selection of photos before leaving the photos. We will take about 4-8 weeks from the date you finalise and approve the photos for processing. Your final retouched, high resolution photos are delivered to you by a link sent to your email.

The final retouched images provided to you are in high-resolution jpg files (3000 pixels on long side) with our logo watermark in the middle (not on the subject but besides them).

Please note that as per our terms & conditions, we don’t allow printing of our photos outside our studio to maintain quality of our art. You do have the option to purchase the final retouched photos without logo watermark and as super high-resolution digitals (8-bit jpg & 16-bit psd) — these you can print outside our studio.

There is no option to get unedited photos in fineart packages.

Please note that the photos printed by us will not have any logo or watermark.

Prints are not part of the package but we offer high quality prints, wall portraits and coffee table books. Please check these out in person when you are visiting for your session.

The short answer is – Yes, I do share the photographs from the sessions on my social media accounts, website, with newspapers, magazines, competitions etc.

Here’s the long answer: As a passionate artist, I try my very best to produce the most beautiful photos for you that will last you a lifetime. I really put my heart and soul into them. Sharing my work with the world helps me get motivated to keep going and produce even more beautiful body of work. Photography is a form of expression for me, so I need to share it. Imagine, you create something beautiful like a painting, only to be told that it can’t be shared. Imagine, if Mona Lisa didn’t want Leonardo-di-vinci to share her portrait with the world. So, I do share my body of work online and offline.

I am time-sensitive towards certain subject, like pregnancy or birthday photos, for which if you request me, I will wait for the event to pass successfully before I share the photos.