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Newborn Photographer in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida

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Newborn photo shoot is for babies less than 30 days old

Behind the Scenes of a Newborn Photoshoot in Delhi by Anega Bawa

Newborn Sessions are pious, precious and delicate. I am passionate about newborn photography and dedicate myself to the best outcome of your session. I try never to make a newborn uncomfortable. I just love photographing them when a smile beams out of them. And I also love them when they come out of a pose that just took me 30 minutes to perfect. I just love them.

~ Anega Bawa ~

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newborn studio packages & pricing

SILVER Newborn Studio Package

one newborn setup

20 unprocessed / watermarked / low res photos for selection

5 final retouched digital photos in high resolution

optional add-ons: family & sibling – ₹3,995 onwards

soft copies only, prints not included in the package

order a beautiful 5 page linen photo album for only ₹5995 instead of ₹9000 if ordered & paid for by the day of the session

GOLD Newborn Package

two newborn setups

40 unprocessed / watermarked / low res photos for selection

10 final retouched digital photos in high resolution

optional add-ons: family & sibling – ₹3,995 onwards

soft copies only, prints not included in the package

order a beautiful 10 page linen photo album for only ₹9995 instead of ₹14000 if ordered & paid for by the day of the session

PLATINUM Newborn Package

three newborn setups

60 unprocessed / watermarked / low res photos for selection

15 final retouched digital photos in high resolution

optional add-ons: family & sibling – ₹3,995 onwards

soft copies only, prints not included in the package

order a beautiful 15 page linen photo album for only ₹13995 instead of ₹18000 if ordered & paid for by the day of the session

TITANIUM Newborn Package

three newborn setups

80 unprocessed / watermarked / low res photos for selection

20 final retouched digital photos in high resolution

optional add-ons: family & sibling – ₹3,995 onwards

soft copies only, prints not included in the package

order a beautiful 15 page linen photo album for only ₹13995 instead of ₹18000 if ordered & paid for by the day of the session

optional add-ons: family

single studio family photo – ₹3995
parents & baby together
3 unprocessed photos, 1 retouched photo


three studio family photos – ₹9995
mom & baby, dad & baby, parents & baby
10 unprocessed photos, 3 retouched photos


five studio family photos – ₹14995
mom & baby, dad & baby, parents & baby, grand parents & baby (dada/dadi or nana/nani)
15 unprocessed photos, 5 retouched photos

add more family members – ₹4995
any two more family members (more grand parents, uncles, aunts etc.)
no extra photos are added to the package

optional add-ons: sibling

add a sibling to newborn setup – ₹4995 per setup
cost to add one sibling for 2-3 photos to each newborn setup. no extra retouched photos.
no extra charges to add sibling to the family setup if this add-on is purchased.

optional add-ons: extra retouched photos

extra retouched photos – ₹1995 per photo
our basic photo retouching. doesn’t apply to fine art or digital composite photo retouching.

newborn extreme closeup collage – ₹2995 per collage
only applies to basic retouching of upto 6 extreme closeups like eyes, ears, nose, head, nose etc. you will receive these photos individually and as a collage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Newborn Photoshoot with Anega Bawa

The best time for the newborn to be photographed is between 5 to 10 days of the age. This is key to having a successful newborn photo shoot and achieving those “sleepy, curled up” poses. Newborns tend to sleep less and are difficult to “curl up” and pose once they reach the 14 day mark.

Having said that, we are looking for an extremely sleepy newborn – one who can sleep for 2-3 hours at a stretch without being disturbed easily. If the baby is under 3-4 weeks old AND super sleepy, we are able to achieve wrapped newborn poses

Please contact us while you are still pregnant and make a tentative booking based on your estimated due date. The deposit for a newborn session is considered refundable until confirmed booking is done. Once your baby has arrived, please contact us as soon as you come back home from the hospital. Please call us to confirm your booking and schedule your session, while your baby is still 5-10 days of age.

All the sessions take place at my studio on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. My studio is comfortable, luxurious, clean, naturally lit & temperature controlled. There is also a private feeding/changing room available for your use. New mothers feel super comfortable at my studio.

Temperature Control: We maintain a 30+ degrees celsius in the shooting area so that the newborn is comfortable in even bare skin.

Hygiene: All the newborn props, wraps and outfits are washed and steamed after each use.

Private feeding room: We provide a private comfortable feeding room with a newborn cot and a diaper changing station.

A newborn setup is designed to photograph just the newborn baby.

A family session includes the newborn and the parents and siblings. Please note that the newborn is part of all the photos. A maximum of 2 adults are photographed in each image.

I will not ask you to bring anything special for the newborn, except for their feed and diapers. Also, don’t forget to bring 2-3 pacifiers/soothers of newborn size.

You can get some ideas about the clothes from the portfolios that I have shared with you. However, I will give you detailed instructions (keeping in mind your taste and my style) during the pre-session consultation phone call, which happens after you book & confirm your session with a deposit.

Yes, you can include your older child in the newborn session for an additional cost. In the newborn setup they can be part of 1-2 photos with their younger sibling. They can also be part of the of the older

We ask you to come ready for your session. I don’t recommend a detailed makeup and hair for a newborn session. Just a basic makeup and blow-dry or straight hair can do. We don’t allow make-up artists for the baby sessions.

The timings for sessions varies with the package type. The classic package should take 30-40 minutes, provided that the baby is settled. The combo will probably take 50-60 minutes The Gold Session will last about 2 hours. Sometimes though babies can take a bit longer to settle, so ultimately we are at their mercy ;). Please keep 2-3 hours free on top of the recommended time, in case the baby takes longer to settle.

Depending on our mutual availability, a time will be decided. Please note that it’s important that you arrive on time for your appointment and so that I can keep my other appointments.

If you are more than one hour late, your session will be cancelled and the fee will be forfeited.

For the newborn, the session should be rescheduled at least 4-5 days in advance. If you have a medical emergency, we can consider rescheduling the session at a short notice. Please submit a doctor’s certificate for consideration. If you don’t show up for your appointment or are over 1 hour late, your payment will be forfeited.

You can book your session by emailing me on or calling me or sending a Whatsapp message on 98101-32036. Your booking is considered confirmed only once the deposit payment for the chosen package is received.

Your original unprocessed session photos are delivered to you online by dropbox link within one week of your session.

From these original photos, you can shortlist the photos that you would like us to retouch and finish.

Once you inform us of your shortlisted photos that you would like us to retouch, we will take about 4-8 weeks from the date of your shortlisting to process your photos. Your final retouched, high resolution photos are delivered to you by dropbox as well.

The unedited/unprocessed digital photos are provided to you for the purpose of selection an are low resolution jpg files (1500 pixels on long side) and have a watermark across them saying, “for selection only – anega bawa photography”.

The final retouched images provided to you are in high-resolution jpg files (3000 pixels on long side) with our logo watermark in the middle (not on the subject but besides them).

Please note that as per our terms & conditions, we don’t allow printing of our photos outside our studio to maintain quality of our art. You do have the option to purchase the final retouched photos without logo watermark and as super high-resolution digitals (8-bit jpg & 16-bit psd) — these you can print outside our studio.

There is no option to get unedited photos in high resolution but we can still print these for you by adjusting brightness/contrast.

Please note that the photos printed by us will not have any logo or watermark.

Prints are not part of the package but we offer high quality prints, wall portraits and coffee table books. Please check these out in person when you are visiting for your session.

The short answer is – Yes, I do share the photographs from the sessions on my social media accounts, website, with newspapers, magazines, competitions etc.

Here’s the long answer: As a passionate artist, I try my very best to produce the most beautiful photos for you that will last you a lifetime. I really put my heart and soul into them. Sharing my work with the world helps me get motivated to keep going and produce even more beautiful body of work. Photography is a form of expression for me, so I need to share it. Imagine, you create something beautiful like a painting, only to be told that it can’t be shared. Imagine, if Mona Lisa didn’t want Leonardo-di-vinci to share her portrait with the world. So, I do share my body of work online and offline.

I am time-sensitive towards certain subject, like pregnancy or birthday photos, for which if you request me, I will wait for the event to pass successfully before I share the photos.

Your baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank account smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.

Newborn Photographer in Delhi – Anega Bawa Photography, Gurgaon

They will never be this small. These tiny litlle bubs will almost double their weight in just 2-3 months. This visual memory needs to be preserved and documented. Bring them to me when they are as small as 5 day old. You will not regret it.

~ Anega Bawa ~

Why should you choose Anega Bawa for your Newborn Photography?

Anega captures photos of the the newborn from head to toe. Anega is passionate and driven to photograph beautiful images of newborns and babies. Being a mother herself and also because she does this everyday, Anega understands how difficult it can be to keep a newborn calm and rested, while creating the perfect pose in order to get a perfect newborn photograph.

Anega makes newborn photography a very special experience for the parents, especially the mother, making her feel very relaxed in her warm home style studio. Almost two thirds of the photos are with just the newborn and then the family is included in rest of the shots. By now Anega is an expert in sooting the newborn so that he is ready for the session. She poses the baby with a great calm and patience and is able to keep your baby peaceful and restful to capture the best sleeping newborn shots.

Anega uses variety of props for the newborns – backdrops, baskets, nests, blankets, caps, hats, scarfs, clothes, flowers, crowns, baloons etc. For newborns, Anega tries to create 3 to 4 different looks and get 2-3 shots of each look. There is also a family session, which can include posing like newborn-father, newborn-mother, newborn-sibling, newborn-mother-father & the complete family.

Anega tries to make all the session setups unique and also makes sure that the family is prepared for their photos with the newborn. She will do a detailed pre-session consultation with clients on phone or in person to make sure that their are no suprises!

You will love the newborn photography by Anega as it’s specially tailored for you. Anega herself spends a lot of time on the photos after the session to make sure that they are perfect – so that you have the best newborn photography experience in town!

Where is Anega Bawa based?

Anega Bawa is based on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and is only 30 minutes from South Delhi. She loves the fine art of newborn photography and strives to give each family a perfect set of photos of their new addition to the family.

Anega is able to offer her photography skills to people located in Delhi and Noida as well along with photographing newborns at her Gurgaon studio. Anega prefers to do the newborn sessions at here Gurgaon studio as she has the perfect natural light studio, props and temperature control.